Sarah Jackson – Episode 28

Sarah Jackson is the president of Sarah J Consulting found at SJC has been in operation since January of 2012 and is based in the Boston area. Prior to starting her own business Sarah worked at a variety of nonprofits in the Boston area and has a BA in communications from Emmanuel College.

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Topic Timestamps:

  • How do you get a new client started? [02:38]
  • What services did you offer in the beginning? [03:29]
  • How’d you start your business? [04:33]
  • How does the fundraising approach change in different sectors? [05:23]
  • How’d you develop your team? [06:57]
  • What’s your approach to donor communications? [08:55]
  • How do you help nonprofits with major gift fundraising? [10:32]
  • What’s your coaching approach? [11:32]
  • How’d you find your first client? [12:42]
  • How do you find new clients today? [13:38]
  • Are most of your clients local? [14:27]
  • Do you spend most of your time at your office or your client’s location? [15:10]
  • What makes an ideal client? [16:16]
  • What mistakes did you make in the beginning? [20:08]
  • Have you worked with virtual assistants? [21:21]
  • What tasks do you delegate? [22:25]
  • What’s your typical schedule like? [23:11]
  • Lightning round [25:00]

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