Claire Axelrad – Episode 27

Claire Axelrad, principal at Clairification, comes from a background of almost 30 years in the nonprofit fundraising world before starting up her business in 2009. You may know her by the name of Clairification Claire.

Topics discussed include her focus in education, how her business has changed over the years, where the name Clairification came from, and much more.

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Topic Timestamps:

  • How did you come up with your name? [01:09]
  • What key takeaways did you have from your 30 years working directly for nonprofits? [01:44]
  • What inspired you to start your own business? [04:02]
  • Teaching in-person vs. online? [05:56]
  • Learning from your students? [06:53]
  • Your education focus [09:26]
  • How do you decide what resources to invest in? [09:59]
  • How do you find the balance between free and paid content? [11:15]
  • What’s your most valuable social media network? [12:31]
  • Do you still find time for traditional consulting work? [13:22]
  • Do you work with any virtual assistants? [14:44]
  • What’s your typical schedule? [15:41]
  • Would you change anything if you were starting over? [16:19]
  • Have you always enjoyed writing? [17:23]
  • Lightning round [19:06]
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